Meijer Community Rewards

About Meijer Community Rewards

Earn Rewards Whenever You Shop at Meijer

Earn rewards for your designated organizations when you pay with cash, your PIN-debit card, or your linked Meijer Credit Card.

  • Your organizations receive credit for almost all Meijer purchases - groceries, toys, home fashions, jewelry, gas, car wash, C-Stop, purchases - over 150,000 products!
  • No minimum or maximum spending amount.
  • Use cash, PIN-debit card, or a Meijer Credit Card.
  • Your account is accessible anytime online.
  • You never have to buy anything in advance. Your Meijer 1 CardSM is easily carried on your key ring or in your wallet.
  • Cardholders also can receive special sales notices and exclusive savings.
  • Key tag provides free lost key retrieval service.
  • Meijer Credit Card purchases earn EXTRA rewards.
How do I sign up?
  1. Start here.
  2. We'll mail your Meijer 1 CardSM to you within 2-3 weeks. You can begin earning rewards for your organizations after you receive your Meijer 1 CardSM.
  3. Shop at Meijer, use your Meijer Credit Card, PIN-debit card, or cash with your swiped Meijer 1 CardSM, and earn rewards for qualified purchases.*
  4. Your organization receives a check and an email with the list of members.
  5. Earn more rewards by encouraging your family and friends to join the program.
* Excludes purchases made with checks and other types of credit cards. Also excludes commercial purchases, MasterCard Productivity Business Card, group buying, lottery purchases, postage, insurer paid prescriptions, layaway and sales tax. Rewards are computed after discounts, credits and any additional savings are deducted and gift cards and return cards are redeemed. Some instore businesses (shoe repair, salon, third party sales, etc.) may not participate.

Read the Meijer Community Rewards FAQ